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Ingrowing Toenail


Ingrowing toenails occur when the hard nail plate causes a wound in the soft flesh around the nail. They can be very painful and become infected. There may be an overgrowth of tissue around the nail due to irritation of the wound.

How did I get this?

  • Direct trauma from tight footwear or stubbing your toe
  • Long term pressure from a thickened or curved toenail
  • Poor nail cutting leaving a sharp corner on the nail
  • Swollen toes and sweaty feet can weaken the skin around the nail.

What can I do about it?

  • Avoid footwear which presses on the toe.
  • Bathe the foot in salt water and apply an antiseptic dressing.
  • Trim the toenail as short as possible but do not cut into the painful side

What help can I get for this?

  • A podiatrist can remove the part of the nail that is causing the problem. This may be done under local anaesthetic if necessary.
  • A Podiatrist can advise on appropriate footwear and how to avoid further problems.
  • A doctor may prescribe antibiotics if the toe is infected, however the nail will still need treatment to prevent further infection
  • A Podiatrist can permanently remove the problem piece of nail and prevent regrowth. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and is a lasting solution

When will it get better?

  • Without treatment the nail will continue to grow and penetrate the wound.
  • Removal of the piece of nail provides immediate relief.
  • Careful nail care and the right shoes can prevent recurring problems